About Us

We are a Singapore incorporated company, founded and wholly owned by Singapore business leaders. We connect Businesses who need to strengthen working capital to investors who have the cash to liberate working capital. Accordingly, businesses can sell their valid invoices for work completed or delivery of goods and investors who purchase these invoices online - more quickly, more responsively and more efficiently than traditional trade finance from banks.

Peer-To-Peer Invoice Financing

on eFundSME Platform

Partner with eFundSME


Leverage e-market place on one centralized platform to tap into our strong network of investors for purchase of your outstanding invoices.

Money will be transferred quickly after successful close of trade launch.


Purchase trade invoices, earn good returns far greater than typical banking products and empower SME to grow.

Our risk management team conducts intensive quantitative and qualitative due diligence and site visits before onboarding creditworthy SME.


Collaborate with eFundSME and be rewarded for your successful leads for the mutual benefits of the entire value chain.

SME get to unlock cash to fund growth otherwise trapped in invoices. A great way for investors to buy these invoices with attractive returns.

Our Founder / CEO

Clara Hang

She has carefully assembled her Key Management Team and comprises professionals from the banking industry. In total they are armed with  more than 100 years of experience in Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Risk Management and Relationship Management