General FAQ

We are an e-marketplace connecting Singapore incorporated SME sellers seeking to speed up cash flow and/or strengthen working capital through the sale of their invoices to a pool of accredited investor buyers, providing the latter with a new asset class for diversification and returns greater than deposits.

eFundSME is neither licensed or regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore nor licensed or regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders. None of the services provided by eFundSME are intended to be or should be construed as an activity that requires licensing or regulation under any laws of Singapore.

The offer and sale of trade launches or part thereof are not securities, debentures, futures contract or derivatives contract for the purposes of the SFA.

No amounts transferred to the Investor Account or Receivable Account constitute as deposits for the purpose of the Banking Act (Cap 19).

  • eFundSME’s business model is underpinned by Prudence, Good Business Sense and Sustainable Wealth, in this order.

  • Shareholders are also the management team of eFundSME comprising ex-senior banker, entrepreneurs and digital technologist. Well-equipped by decades of relevant industry experience and subject matter expertise, we help SME accelerate their cash flow to fund growth, and buyers achieve investment goals.