Investor FAQ

Investors pay platform fee to eFundSME at 20% of total returns earned.

You can withdraw funds from your Investor Account any time.  If you wish to remain as an Approved Investor, your total funds comprising balance in your Investor Account combined with your active trade purchases must not be less than SGD5,000.

There are always risks in any investment.  You should perform your own evaluation and spread your risk by diversifying your purchase across different trade launches.

Purchase of invoice on our platform is with recourse to the SME. This is to ensure the SME has an interest to ensure his debtor does not default. SME still has a 10% to 20% reserve balance in the invoice and it is in their interest that the Debtor pays up promptly. There is an additional recourse in the personal guarantee from the SME’s Directors.

eFundSME’s Risk Management Team performs rigorous multi-level due diligence before on boarding Approved SME. Decision making is based on both qualitative and quantitative assessments. In addition,

We only deal with Singapore based SME with Singaporean/SPR shareholding. Director/s will serve as personal guarantor/s of its trade receivable.

SME must have an account with a Singapore Bank which has its own set of compliance criteria. Receivables are assigned to the Investor buyers and payments upon maturity are made directly to a ‘Segregated Receivable Bank Account’.

Advance rate is 80% to 90% of the Invoice Face Value. SME retains some risk. Sale of invoice is with recourse to the SME.