If your business sells goods and/or services to good credit standing customers, eFundSME will be your preferred online platform.  

SME seller must be a Singapore registered Private Limited Company or Limited Partnership Company with:

1. A minimum annual revenue of $100,000

2. At least one full year financial statements

3. Shareholders shall include Singaporean/SPR

4. Must have a bank account with any bank in Singapore

5. Must pass our financial and qualitative assessments

It is prudent for businesses to have access to diversified sources of funding. Invoice trading is an important financial strategy to widen business funding sources and lessen dependence on traditional finance from banks.

1. When SME need reliable and speedy source of funding.

2. When the combined tangible and intangible benefits of such funding being invested in operations, expansion or bolstering its own growth exceed the costs associated with selling the invoices.

3. When SME do not wish to incur additional bank debt.

It is certainly useful information that lends good support to credit assessment.

Advance rate ranges between 80% and 90% of the Invoice Face Value.